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Numerous self-proclaimed “Internet millionares” have written ebooks that promise to teach you their so-called “moneymaking formula” to build your own fortune and fame.  But ask price yourself one simple question, “How many people do you know in real-life who claim they made a forture simply following an Internet moneymaking guru’s secret money plan?”

I’m certain your answer to that question is “none.”  That’s because most people don’t write about secret moneymaking schemes and plans until they’re no longer making money.  Sure, they’ll show you screenprints of thier Google checks, their bank accounts, their Google Adsense statement, etc., and a zillion testimonials on how well the plan worked for other buyers of their moneymaking ebook — but interestingly, the checks and statements are always a year or more older than the current date.   And this is because in the world of Adsense, something fundamentally has changed that limits the amount of income one can make from websites that cover many high money paying topics.   This is what I want to share with you today.

So just what has changed and when did it occur?  To answer that question you first need to know a little background information.  The first thing you need to know is that  to maximize income with Google Adsense sites and earn thousands of dollars per month like these self-professed Adsense millionaires you would have to copy their true moneymaking formula, the one they are not likely willing to share with you.  The key ingredients of that moneymaking Adsense formula are provided below:

  • You will need many websites.  Most all Adsense millionaires made their money with hundreds of websites, not one, two or tens of websites.
  • Each website needs hundreds or thousands of pages of content.
  • Most built their Adsense fortune with boring and useless content that was of no use to the site visitor.  This left the site visitor with 4 choices upon arrival at a publishers site — namely, hit the browser exit button, hit the browser “back” button, type in another url or click on an ad.  Given those four choices, many people, over 20 percent, would click on an ad if there was nothing of substance to read. 
  • Most Adsense millionaires not only were SEO guru’s of sorts and knew a lot about how to optimize a webpage for high search engine ranking, but also optimized sites to focus on high-paying keywords. 

So how did these guys accomplish all the items listed above?  The answer is they built these sites “on the fly” with special site builders they either had programmed or programmed themselves.  And if they’re still selling their site builder the facts they’re not willing to share with you are: (1) These site builders build “spam page” websites that Google can easily catch and ban these days, (2) you’ll be ranked so far down in the SERPs that you won’t get any traffic, and (3) advertisers detest these sites and will request their ads not be displayed on your sites.

In other words, there was once a golden time in the early years of Adsense when these guys could pull off such unscrupuloous practices, but those days are long gone.  If you want high seach engine rankings you’ll need to do it with good original content and you’ll have to wait the test of time for a load of incoming links that will prove you’ve got a great site.  This will drive traffic like nothing crazy, but you’ll need to be patient and continue writing fresh content.  Your click through rate on original content will average been 1.5% and 4.0% — depending on your ad placement. 

Don’t waste time building Adsense websites on high paying keywords like insurance, debt consolidation, credit repair or mesothelioma cancer.  Don’t take my word, just search for these terms on Google and you’ll see there are no entrepreneur amateur sites that rank high in the search engines.  Only brand name companies that Google knows for sure caters to these markets will be listed.  If you can’t rank on the first page or two of search results you will not get much traffic.  The botton line is to go for smaller market niches and look for more income sources than just Adsense.  There are many ways to monetize a website — don’t rely on just one source.

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