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Hi, it’s Eric Kelly again. And in my work as a hair
loss expert, I've helped thousands of women from all over
the world stop their hair from falling out excessively…
helping them grow their hair back… and grow it healthier, thicker, strong and faster than ever thought possible
simply by making a few easy and enjoyable lifestyle changes.

“Since I found out what was triggering my hair loss, it’s thicker, shinier, and is growing faster. I never knew something so simple was killing my hair.” - Darlene

Now, regarding your type of hair loss and your #1 hair loss trigger, based on the answers to the questions you've just provided, there’s good news.

There are actually a few steps you propecia blind date died can take right now to help eliminate your #1 hair loss trigger and start getting your hair back to the way it used to be.

I'm going to explain how you can do it all in just a moment, but first, let's look at your results to see the specific hair loss trigger that’s affecting you most.

Now, based on what you've told me about your life, your symptoms, your lifestyle, and what you do on a daily basis, your hair loss pattern is consistent with the hair loss trigger I call the Hypothyroid Hair Loss Trigger.

Now, what's unique to women with Hypothyroid Hair Loss Trigger is that they tend to have:

Thinning (either mild or extreme) all over their head. This includes the top, the sides and the back.

And her hair is very dry, frizzy, and breaks easily.

There is much less “hair volume” and her scalp is showing much more than it used to.

Now, you may ALSO be experiencing symptoms of other hair triggers as well such as:

Hair that falls out and leaves “patches”…

Or hair that thins mainly on the top of the head and your hair part has and is getting wider over time there is a receding hair line as well as receding hair at the temple...

What we’re focusing on right now is your MAIN date one. Then we’ll cover the other triggers

If you’re wondering, “Ok, so what do I do about this?”

Don’t’ worry, I’ll be diving deep into that in just a moment, but for now, what’s most important to know is that, contrary to what most people believe, it's hormones that are the main cause of your hair loss.

There’s Good News
And There’s Bad News

In fact, it's actually a good thing that your main hair loss trigger is Hypothyroid Hair Loss Trigger because your results could be faster than other women with different triggers, and it can be as simple as avoiding just one type of food.

On the other hand, any woman with the Hypothyroid Hair Loss Trigger, it’s the start of an even worse situation. Where you're not only experiencing the symptoms you have now, but if the root cause of your hair loss has been ignored, you could start to lose patches of hair that can be very alarming. And also very hard to cover up.

Some women with this trigger even progressed to almost complete baldness.

And that’s because there is more than one trigger that are affecting your hair at this moment. There’s the Hyperinsulinemia Hair Loss Trigger… the Stress-Induced Hair Loss Trigger… and the Inflammation-Induced Hair Loss Trigger. (and I’ll explain each one in a moment). But each is attacking your hair in different ways, producing different symptoms, and in different amounts.

You're Not Doomed

But like I said, this only happens when someone doesn’t address the root cause of their hair loss, which in your case is Hypothyroid Hair Loss Trigger.

I want to tell you some things that you can do yourself, starting today, to reverse your #1 hair loss trigger.

And when it comes to having thick, healthy, full-bodied hair that you love to see in the mirror, I need to tell you why, if you're struggling with Hypothyroid Hair Loss Trigger, it really isn’t not your fault.

You see, hair is made of two main parts: the follicle, which is the part of your hair that is in your scalp or skin…

…and the hair shaft. The part we lovingly brush and style.

The hair shaft runs through the scalp and is connected to the part of your hair called the hair follicle.

The follicle is alive. It is what produces hair cells, that make your hair long and thick and shiny.

The larger and the healthier your
               hair follicle is…

And the longer it keeps creating
               new cells…

The thicker your hair will be…

The faster it will grow…

The stronger your hair will be…

The more color it will have…

And the shinier and glossier it
               will be.

The problem you’re facing is that your #1 hair loss trigger is destroying your hair follicle.

Your Hair Loss Trigger Explained

You have a unique, 2-part hair loss trigger. The first part is common to all hair loss. But the second part is like a hair loss accelerator. If this first part was a fire, the second part is like pouring gasoline on the fire.

It’s what make your hair loss different from other men. So let’s get into it.

The first part of your trigger is something called…


DHT stands for Dihydrotestosterone. And 96% of ALL hair loss is caused by this hormone.

Where does it come from? Well, both women and men produce testosterone in their bodies. Women just produce much less of it than men do.

Now, the cells of your scalp, create an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. And this enzyme turns some of your testosterone into DHT.

When DHT attaches to your hair follicle…

…it starts to block your hair follicle from getting its food.

This form of starvation causes the follicle to shrink. And THAT is what makes your hair shaft thinner and finer.

As you can see, DHT starts to force the follicle to move closer to the surface and detach from the blood vessels that supply food to your hair.

And as a result, the hair wastes away and just falls out with simple brushing, or combing, or showering.

It’s like your hair is strangled to death.

With women, estrogen acts as a DHT blocker. So as women age, their estrogen levels decline and more DHT is created. That’s why women experience the greatest changes to their hair as they approach their 50’s.

But remember, in YOUR particular case, you have the “2-part” hair loss trigger. So what’s the second part?

The Second Part Of Your Trigger

This second part of your #1 Hair Loss Trigger is an underactive thyroid – also called Hypothyroidism.

This tiny butterfly-shaped gland influences virtually
every organ system in the body and hypothyroidism,
causes a range of symptoms like:

  • Weight gain or difficulty losing weight (despite reduced food intake)…
  • Unexplained fatigue…
  • Outer third of eyebrows have no hair…
  • Coarse, dry hair and dry skin…
  • Unexplained muscle cramps and aches…
  • Unexplained hair loss and lethargy (even though there was no physical      exertion) …
  • Memory loss…
  • You feel cold or are sensitive to cold (even when others aren’t) …
  • Constipation…
  • Depression…

This isn’t a complete list of symptoms, but the point I'm making here is that one of the symptoms is hair loss.

Even Harvard Medical School states…

"Hair loss in women can also result from a number of conditions, including an underactive thyroid gland."

That’s because when you have too LITTLE thyroid hormones, your hair simply does not get the “food” it needs to produce enough hair cells.

And so it either doesn’t grow long like it does for other women, or it stops growing altogether, or it gets extremely frizzy, brittle and even frayed at the ends.

I hear women with a hypothyroid condition say things like…

"It was thick and would grow. Now it won’t grow it has gotten thin at the front of my head and thin around the side and back end of my head."


"My hair breaks off when combing, as well as falls out. There are long strands and short pieces in the sink and on the counter."


"It is very soft and very fine. Too fine to fall down and stay together. You can scarcely feel it when it is curled. Like down on a baby swan!"

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

According to the American Thyroid Association

"An estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease. And up to 60 percent of those with thyroid disease are unaware of their condition."

Women are five to eight times more likely than men to have thyroid problems.

Harvard Health Publications states…

"Hypothyroidism is especially common in women. Between ages 35 and 65, about 13% of women will have it, and the proportion rises to 20% among those over 65. Because the link between symptoms and thyroid disease isn’t always obvious many women won’t know they have it — and won’t be treated for it."

Yet, by taking a few simple steps, you can actually REBOOTyour hair growth. And I’m going to show you how you can do it very soon.

But first, there’s one last thing you need to know about your hair loss:

Other Hidden Threats
To Your Hair And A Woman’s
Ultimate Nightmare

What I’ve shared with you, theHypothyroid Hair Loss Trigger is your MAIN hair-loss trigger.

There are other hair loss triggers that exist.And some of them can be affecting you in one degree or another right now.

For example, there is…


This is a sudden, and often times alarming, period of shedding and thinning that is caused by a sudden stressor.

It can be an emotional stressor, like a divorce, or a catastrophic life event. Or it can be a physical stressor like giving birth, a major illness, or an accident.

But it also happens with prolonged stress and depression.

Many times women START with this trigger. They notice it because it is so sudden. But depending on how severe the stress is or how long it lasts, it often times triggers other forms of hair loss.

This can lead to the…


This is the most common type. If too much DHT is
attaching to your hair follicles you can be experiencing
what is called Female Pattern Baldness – where there is
hair loss mainly on the top of your head.

If you part your hair in the middle, you will see that part get wider and wider over time.

As you now know, as a woman ages, her estrogen levels decrease, and more DHT is produced, and this makes her balding area more and more visible.

If you notice that there is more thinning on the top of your head, compared to other areas, this is what is causing that as well.

This is caused by blood sugar levels being too high and spiking your insulin. This forces an excess amount of testosterone to be produced and therefore much more DHT.

In fact, women who have elevated testosterone, not only have a high amount of hair loss, they also have a host of unwanted symptoms like acne, unwanted facial hair, and infertility, moods swings, irregular menstrual cycles, and depression.


Inflammation can skyrocket your DHT levels.

But more than that, inflammation can cause your nervous system to attack and kill your hair cells, causing
them to fall out in patches and in random places.

And if it gets worse, can lead to total and complete baldness.

This is the ultimate hair loss nightmare. And that does not have not have to be your future.

The saddest part is can be prevented by something so simple – finding and addressing your #1 hair loss trigger.

And so many women suffer in silence just because they don’t know this information and cannot address the ROOT CAUSE of their hair loss.

So, that begs the question…

“What should you do DIFFERENTLY compared to other people with OTHER hair loss triggers?”

Personalized Tips

Well, what I’m going to do for you right now, is walk you through 3 of the 10 specific things I recommend for women whose hair is being destroyed by Hypothyroid Hair Loss Trigger.

The reason for just THREE things, is because I want to focus on what will give you, a woman with Stress-Induced Hair Loss Trigger, the biggest, fastest results.

So pay CLOSE ATTENTION to what we’re about to cover here. Especially the third tip. The first 2 tips depend on the third one to work best. In fact, if you’re like most people - you might even want to jot down a few quick notes…

(And by the way, if you’re interested in getting access to my ENTIRE list of recommendations for the the Hypothyroid Hair Loss Trigger for FREE, I’ll explain how to do that in just a moment…)

But first, without further delay, let’s get right to it:

Tip 1 – Eat More Of These Foods

The FIRST thing I recommend for women with Stress-Induced Hair Loss is to start eating a certain type of food (and you might want to write these down). I’m talking about sea plants.


1. Kelp

2. Arame

3. Hijiki

And the reason why, is because these three specific sea plants have some of the HIGHEST concentrations of one thing you really want to pay attention to:


Why?Because Iodine is essential for your thyroid to make enough of its hormones. Women with hypothyroidism are almost always deficient in iodine.

It’s also why Asian women, who are famed for their long, beautiful, glossy hair, have lots of these sea plants in their traditional diets.

Tip 2 – Avoid These Foods Like
Your Hair Depended On It

The SECOND tip is to avoid or, even eliminate, grains from your diet.

Especially wheat.

Why? Because wheat products today are not made the way they were in the past.

Today, if you see any bread, or bread-like food, there are two ingredients that have been added that are not only deadly for your hair, but they are deadly to your general health and wellbeing.

These two ingredients are: Bromine and Alloxan.


The reason bromine is awful for a man with Hyperinsulinemia Hair Loss Trigger, is because bromine destroys the iodine in your body. And remember, iodine is necessary for your thyroid to produce its hormones. Without iodine, you don’t have enough thyroid hormones, and your hair dries out and falls out.

Nearly every time you eat bread in a restaurant or consume a hamburger or hotdog bun you are consuming bromine.

Bromine is added to commercial breads and baked goods because during the manufacturing process, it makes bread easier to shape. And this has been the biggest source of “bromide overload” in Western cultures.

In recent toxicology studies, researchers discovered bromine in urine and blood samples that were TWENTY times higher than in the 70’s!


But that’s not all, when you eat any flour product that is white in color, you can assume you’re eating Alloxan. Alloxan is a chemical that is formed when food makers “bleach” their flour.

You see, in the past, the way flour became white, was by leaving it out and exposed to air.

But it took a few days. By chemically bleaching the flour, they could turn the flour white right away. But the by-product of this bleaching process is this chemical called Alloxan.

What’s so bad about it? Simple. It makes you diabetic. No, seriously. Alloxan is literally injected into mice in laboratories to make the mice diabetic, so diabetic drugs can be tested on them.

So, even if you don’t get diabetic, it will cause your blood sugar levels to spike up and down when you eat breads, especially white flour products.

As I mentioned earlier, elevated insulin ends up forcing a man’s body to skyrocket his inflammation. And you now know, what happens as a result of that, right? That testosterone gets converted to DHT.

Again, I’ll be giving you, for free, all the information you need on how to restore balance to your hormonal hair loss triggers in just a moment.

But let me ask you a question:

What if there was a way to get these two things instantly?

That’s what this last tip is all about.

Tip 3 – Consume Hair Super Nutrients


You want to find a natural substance called Quebrachol.

Quebrachol is a powerful nutrient that has been
shown in double-blind tests to naturally stop your body from converting testosterone into DHT.

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study – the strongest kind of study that can be done – was conducted to determine the effect of Quebrachol on DHT and hair loss.

The study included twenty-six men ages 23-64, all of whom were LOSING THEIR HAIR because of DHT.Half of themen were given Quebrachol and the other half were given a placebo.

EVERY man who took Quebrachol saw


hair loss






Let me repeat that: Every single man who took Quebrachol stopped losing hair. That’s a 100% success rate.

When my team and I were able to find the exact same ingredients that were used in these studies and we tested it, we started getting results like this…

“This really works wonders, I am known to lose my
long hair in clumps and my husband suffers from alopecia. I have been taking this supplement for
about a month and I have noticed regrowth almost immediately... I haven't noticed any negative or
weird side effects, which is really nice. They are
pretty much no side effects at all. I just notice
my hair growing in faster and stronger.”

“I am a female with thinning hair and Acne due to DHT. This product has worked better/faster than anything I’ve tried. I noticed almost immediate improvements with my acne and hair loss.”

Men reported the same type of results…

"…the results that I've achieved are nothing short of astounding. I've been completely bald since I was in college.... the fact that my hair is growing back, has to be attributed to this supplement…"

But it still gets better. You see, I found a second potent super-nutrient for hair.

Coenzyme R

The name is similar to CoenzymeQ10. This one is
called Coenzyme R.

Here’s why it is a Godsend: Remember your hair shaft? Well, it’s made of a special form of protein called Keratin.

And, according to Harvard University, Coenzyme R breaks down the food you eat, and converts it into exactly what your body needs to form Keratin.

In other words, Coenzyme R turns your food into the BUILDING BLOCKS of thick, full, healthy hair.

Imagine… every time you take a bite of your favorite food, you're automatically fueling your own internal hair-growth machine.

When you combine Coenzyme R with Quebrachol, you’ve got a natural hair restoration combination that is like nothing else.

From what studies have shown, it can start transforming your thinning scalp into full… thick… healthy hair… beginning in as little as 3 weeks.

3 Questions You Need To Ask

So, to find these super-nutrients for yourself, here’s what you need to know.

Use Double-Blind Studies

First, if a study has show that an ingredient produced a result, you want to know if the study was a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies. A randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study is the MOST stringent of any test. It is considered and called the “Gold Standard” in terms of how much you can trust a study.


Next you want to know if that randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study was done on HUMANS!

Most companies base their claims on animal studies. The truth is, what works on “mice” doesn't always work on humans.

Use The Same Ingredient In The Study

Second, if there are “Gold Standard” human studies on an ingredient, almost every company I've come across neglects to put the same exact ingredient used in the research into their formulation.

For example, that Quebrachol I spoke about earlier/ The one that has solid human clinical studies backing it up and that showed a 100% success rate?

Well, the researchers used Quebrachol sourced from ONE manufacturer and extracted using a highly specialized process. Unless you are getting that exact same ingredient, you can’t expect to get the same results, right?

What too many supplement companies, do is find a cheap replacement for the ingredient, and don't use the proper extraction method. The real active compounds are either nonexistent or exist in such small quantities as to be worthless.

No you want to get the exact same ingredient used in the study.

Use The Same DOSE As The Study

Finally, you also want to make sure you’re getting the same AMOUNT of the ingredient in your body that was used in the double-blind study.

What good would it be if you got the right ingredient, but you’re not getting enough of it?

Even IF – and that’s a big IF – the company does happen to include the right ingredient…

they rarely, if ever, include enough of the ingredient used in the study.

So again, if you don’t use the same AMOUNT as the study, how can you expect to get a similar result?

They usually hide a tiny dose in a "proprietary formula" or a “proprietary blend” and just assume that most consumers won't have access to the research.

Is There An Easier Way?

Now, you're probably wondering if there's an easier way to address all the factors that are killing your hair, that doesn't involve scouring the planet and building your own lab to test for the right
dose of ingredients.

The answer is a resounding yes.

I have already done all the work and developed a unique formula that incorporates these clinically proven ingredients at the correct doses and sourced from the same manufacturer as the researchers used.

Here's what we did:

While Quebrachol and Coenzyme R are the foundation of this formulation, I’ve made it even better.

You see, it wasn’t just about making the most potent hair restoration product available.

We wanted to see if we could formulate just one solution that anyone with ANY type of hair-loss trigger could rely on.

The fact is, as astounding at the proven results of Quebrachol and Coenzyme-R may be, as you have already seen, men have different types of hair loss.

That means that different women will respond in different ways to the same ingredient.

SO the only solution was to find every type of natural DHT blocker we could find, and every Hair Builder we could find that did NOT cause any side effects, and find the correct and original sources of each one of them to include in it.

Most of them, didn’t work and were a waste. But there were a few that consistently produced results.

After a massive amount of research,
and years of study and testing, we were able to enhance the results many times over by adding the full spectrum of natural DHT blockers as well as hair-building super-nutrients.

Instead of including only Quebrachol and Coenzyme-R, which on their own are getting great results, we included 11 MORE unique substances…

…and when put together in just the right amounts, you’ve got a one-of-a-kind hair solution that is changing lives.

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And by the way, if you remember at the beginning of this letter, when I gave you those 3 tips? I said I could only give you 3 of them, because I just don’t have enough time to be able to share everything I’d like to share.

Because of this, I will include one of my best-selling books called The Total Hormone Reset as a gift, completely free.

Remember those 3 tips I gave you earlier? About how to help restore your hormone imbalances so you can have the hair you should? This is the book that has the rest of all that information.

It's a hormone balancing system that shows you all you need to know and do to begin restoring your unique hormone imbalance in a natural, drug free, way.

This is my latest research and discoveries of how to restore hormone balance naturally. Remember, your hair loss is 99% about your hormones.

Just with this information alone, men have started to see their old, youthful, thick, full-bodied hair start to return.

Christina says…

“ It is a great [book] to help those of us that are suffering from hot flashes, bone aches, hair loss, paranoia, and lack of sleep. All of these have been eliminated due to this book.”

And Jaqueline said this about the book…



“This book is wonderful. I am so glad I
found it. You have really made the mysterious and often discouraging search for balance engaging and easy to understand … Things like hair loss on your head and hair growth on your face that have been bothering me for years are addressed.”

On its own The Total Hormone Reset is sold for. But you can download it for free when you take action and try UltraFX10.

I'm also including Feed Your Hair Back To Life.
It’s all about how food affects your hair.

One of the things I am always angered by are all the
BAD ADVICE out there regarding hair care. They rarely addressed the devastating effect of the foods we eat!

A lot of the advice doled out by beauticians, hair
stylists, nutritionists and doctors, can damage your hair
and damage your scalp.

In fact, the information in the book by itself produced amazing results. It wasn’t as fast as UltraFX10 because it involved more work and time.

But with the information in here, like:

what foods increase DHT...

what foods block your hair follicles
from getting the nutrients they need…

what foods dehydrate the scalp, the
hair shaft, and make your scalp flaky…

and all the different ways diet affects
a man’s hair and scalp health.

On its own, it’s sold for .95. But it’s your free of charge as well.

On top of that, I’ll also be including Home Remedies For Your Hair. This covers all my research into what you can put ON your scalp and hair to help speed your results.

Things like what natural treatments you can do at home to speed up your hair loss recovery when used together with UltraFX10…

Natural and inexpensive oils you can put on your scalp to help prevent graying, brittleness, and hair loss…

What juices can be used on the hair shaft to give
it a brilliant glowing shine…

What hair loss product ingredients that you want
to avoid at all costs because they inflame and destroy
vital enzymes in your scalp that are needed to keep
your hair healthy…

What daily habits most men have that damage the hair shaft, or clog your scalp… Lifestyle factors alter your hormones and therefore alter your hair quality…

It’s sold for .95 and I’m including it in your purchase as well.

This makes it a complete hair restoration program for you. I’ve left no stone unturned and I’m giving you every weapon I have.

In total, you’re getting

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Eric Kelley, Founder of UltraFX10

If you’re still here you probably have some questions.

Here are the most common ones we get:

1. Will I experience any side effects?

No. This is a completely natural formula. There is nothing artificial contained in UltraFX10.

A lot of people ask me this because of what they have read and heard about medical products like finasteride (which is goes by the brand name Propecia) for hair loss like the sexual side-effects, the increased risk of cancer, and even birth defects.

As I mentioned earlier, there are currently over 1,000 members on, many of whom believe they suffer from Post-Finasteride Syndrome, a condition of permanent sexual, mental and physical side effects that do NOT resolve after quitting the drug, and most often are accompanied by an acquired form of secondary hypogonadism (when the testes produce little or no hormones).

So for men, taking Propecia may very well lead to permanent damage to your sexual health, and no one knows who will be impacted, whether or not it will be permanent, or why.

And as for women, the drug can also have a devastating effect on a developing baby's sex organs, so much so that Merck, the drug's maker, warns women who are or may become pregnant to not even handle broken tablets:

"Women who are or may potentially be pregnant must not use Propecia and should not handle crushed or broken Propecia tablets because the active ingredient may cause abnormalities of a male baby's sex organs."

So no, UltraFX10 is NOTHING like that.

Some people do experience a slight tingling in the scalp. Like the areas where there has been hair loss.

But these are good signs. These are signs that your cells are coming back to life. That your blood, and nutrients are starting to feel your hair follicles.

So there’s nothing to worry about there.

Here’s another one...

2. I’m a female and my friend, who is male, recommended this to me. Now, his hair grew back and grew back thicker than it was before. I’m concerned that I will grow hair in other parts of my body where I don’t want excess hair

That’s a great question. Because for women, especially, UltraFX10 will NOT cause you to grow hair in other parts your body.

In fact, it does the opposite for women. You see, for women, if they are growing too much hair on their face, or on their body, that is a symptom of a hair loss trigger,

It is a hormone imbalance that causes her to lose hair on the top of her head, but also causes acne, and excessive hair growth on the face and the body.

So no, the exact opposite will happen. Hair on the scalp are the only ones with DHT receptors so by infusing your body with all the natural DHT blockers UltraFX10 has, you are only going to be helping the hair on your head grow thick and healthy.

3. What all the other ingredients in UltraFX10?

Even though the two ingredients I told you about, Quebrachol and Conezyme R, are incredibly powerful, and have been proven to stop hair loss in its tracks and even begin to regrow hair, there are many other similar ingredients I’ve included to give you the full spectrum of DHT destroying and hair building nutrients available to-date.

DHT Destroyer #1:

To stop DHT to our full capabilities, we combine four ingredients, starting with the DHT-destroyer: Quebrachol.

Quebrachol! As I’ve already detailed, Quebrachol helps stop the production of DHT.

In one study, Quebrachol was mixed with an herbal extract and given to people suffering from thinning hair. Every single person who took Quebrachol – every single one! – saw their hair loss stop completely. 

That’s a 100% success rate in this preliminary study! Any hair remedy without this “missing ingredient” falls short. It’s a MUST.

DHT Destroyer #2:

Serenoa Repens. As I mentioned, Quebrachol was mixed with an herbal extract to deliver 100% success in stopping DHT.

Well, guess what? That herbal extract is called Serenoa Repens.

It comes from a small palm-like plant indigenous to the southeastern United States, and was used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes. The great part is, Serenoa Repens works in perfect harmony with Quebrachol to fight off DHT in its tracks.

In fact, in the study mentioned before, when Serenoa Repens was combined with Quebrachol, it improved overall hair condition at a higher rate than the placebo. A major hair boost! 

That’s the kind of power you need when it comes to hair restoration. Quite frankly, anything less is just a waste of time.

DHT Destroyer #3:

Pygeum. This bark-extract is derived from the African cherry tree. 

Its use as a medicine dates to the 1700s when African tribes taught early explorers how to use Pygeum to relieve pain. Pygeum contains potent ingredients that are SHOWN to help prevent testosterone from turning into DHT, according to in vitro studies.

So you keep your testosterone, as well as your hair.

DHT Destroyer #4:

Camellia Sinensis. Derived from an exotic plant in East Asia, Camellia Sinensis has been in use since 2737 BC during the reign of Emperor Shennong.

Camellia Sinensis yields a powerful extract that stops DHT from crushing hair cells. In addition, Camellia Sinensis works alongside the other DHT Destroyers to help turbo-charge effectiveness.

So, you have not one.

Not two.

Not three.

But four – FOUR— DHT Destroyers all working together to combat DHT.

Of course, none of them can attack DHT in the same way as Quebrachol. But adding them together enhances the overall DHT-blocking power of UltraFX10.

With that kind of power, you can rest assured, your thinning hair is ready for a total rejuvenation.

And that brings us to the hair builder ingredients I’ve put into UltraFX10.

I’m talking about restoring your hair to its natural brilliance… and replacing the hair you’ve already lost to DHT.

Think of how it will feel to walk down the street, full of confidence and swagger… knowing you look your best!

I’m telling you, this could change your life in ways that go far beyond a strong, masculine appearance.

So here are the 9 “Hair Builders”, each with a specific role to play in hair restoration.

Of course, it all starts with Coenzyme R, the essential foundation of healthy hair…

Hair Builder #1:

Coenzyme R! As I explained earlier, Coenzyme R has an extraordinary molecular composition that allows it to convert your food into the building blocks
of full, thick hair.

Coenzyme R works on a deep cellular level to make sure your hair follicles and roots are strong, fertile, and ready to sprout full, thick, beautiful hair that generates peak confidence.

Hair Builder #2:

Zinc. That’s right. This mighty mineral is crucial to hair growth.

And the UltraFX10 formula packs in 15 mg of zinc to give you just that.

Hair Builder #3:

Copper. Most folks don’t know it, but the mineral copper is essential to human life.

As a side-benefit, copper is key in slowing the aging process, as well as supporting hair loss.

That’s why we put the perfect amount of copper in each serving of UltraFX10… so you get exactly what you need for hair growth and more.

Hair Builder #4:

Sulfur. Sulfur is critical to healthy hair. In fact, sulfur makes hair strong, and
acts as a flexible bond in connecting hair cells.

In addition, sulfur helps keep the outer hair smooth so it remains lustrous.
Sulfur is so important, we infuse UltraFX10 with THREE different nutrients – 
DL-Methionine, MSM, and L-cysteine – each chock-full of hair-boosting sulfur. 

Hair Builder #5:

Vitis Vinifera. This natural extract is harvested from a Moroccan vine.

It contains a special compound that binds to the keratin in hair and stops its breakdown due to environmental stresses. 

In addition, an in-vitro animal study shows these nutrients promote the production of hair follicle cells by 230%. Powerful stuff you need to keep your
hair vibrant.

Hair Builder #6:

Stinging Nettle. This root extract has a long medicinal history, and was used in medieval times to treat joint pain. 

The Stinging Nettle is unique in that it contains off-the-chart levels of hair-strengthening minerals, including iron and calcium. Plus, it’s loaded with hair-building amino acids and proteins that help promote full, thick hair.

Hair Builder #7:

Diindolylmethane. Also known as DIM, this natural compound is derived from cruciferous vegetables including broccoli, kale, and Brussel sprouts.

Imagine straining all the nutritional goodness out of fresh, leafy vegetables… and virtually infusing it into each and every hair follicle on your head. That’s the power of DIM.

Hair Builder #8:

Horsetail. This grass thrived 400 million years ago during the Paleozoic era,
and was used medicinally during ancient Roman times.

We use 100 mg of horsetail, which is valued for its high Silica content. Silica is one of the most important minerals for hair because it increases nutrient-carrying blood flow to the scalp resulting in thicker, shinier hair.

In fact, in one study, 10 mg of silica was found to both strengthen and thicken hair.

Hair Builder #9:

Gamma-Linolenic Acid. Also known as GLA, is an omega-6 essential fatty-acid that is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get through normal diet.

It’s been known to treat inflamed hair follicles and keep your scalp fertile for healthy hair growth. Because it’s so important to hair restoration, we pack 50 mg
of GLA into every dose of UltraFX10.

There you have it. 

4. What about my hair color? Will it help me restore any of my hair color?

Yes it does. Just recently researchers made a surprising breakthrough— they found out gray hair isn’t caused by stress (not even the stress of having kids!).

It’s actually caused by a buildup of hydrogen peroxide that happens as you age.

That’s great news, because Restore FX has a special amino acid that can tame excess hydrogen peroxide—and help you keep your vibrant natural color.

This nutrient is called methionine. It’s great for the structure of your hair and for maintaining keratin, which is the actually building block of your hair.

But let’s talk about the anti-gray protection.

Researchers found that methionine stopped the oxidation process that’s linked to graying hair.

So yes, UltraFX10 can definitely help you with greying hair.

5. I heard from someone that hair can’t grow back once you’re bald. Is that true? Or can it grow hair back?

That’s not true. Well, the way it works is that as long as your scalp still has hair cells, those hair cells can get activated and start growing hair again.

When too much DHT attaches to a hair follicle and starves it to the point that
no more hair can be produced, it doesn’t mean the hair cells have died.

The hair cells may still be there but they are not getting any nutrients so they can’t grow any hair.

However, if DHT is blocked from attaching to those areas, and especially
when those areas start getting the “hair builder” nutrients that I included in
UltraFX10, the hair cells can start to build hair again.

Now, is some cases, the hair cells have in fact died and do not exist there anymore. However, more often than not, hair cells are actually still there.

That’s why we have so many people who are delighted and SURPRISED to see hair growing back in areas they have not had a hint of hair in years.

6. What about chemo? Will this work for me if I’ve gone through chemo and my hair is not growing back the same as it used to?

Chemotherapy drugs are powerful medications that attack rapidly growing cancer cells. Unfortunately, these drugs also attack other rapidly growing cells in your body — including those in your hair roots.

Chemotherapy may cause hair loss all over your body — not just on your scalp. Sometimes your eyelash, eyebrow, armpit, pubic and other body hair also falls out. Some chemotherapy drugs are more likely than others to cause hair loss, and different doses can cause anything from a mere thinning to complete baldness.

But what survivors find, is that after chemo, when the hair grows back, it is grows back, thin, brittle, lifeless. And sometimes even grows back a different color.

This can be temporary, but for many, the changes have been permanent. Their hair has never gone back to the way it used to be.

There are many reasons for this. For one, the chemo did in fact attack and destroy your hair cells. So that is a significant level of trauma to say the least.

But when someone recovers, they can still have hormone imbalances that I referred to earlier. So that can start to manifest after chemo and not even have anything to do with the chemotherapy they went through.

The good news, is that it doesn’t matter what the cause, the end results are the same: your hair is either being strangled by DHT, or it does not have the “food” it needs to grow the same way it used to.

So by blocking DHT, and flooding your hair cells with an avalanche of its most prized nutrients, you can help your hair return to its previous splendor.

Janice tragically had breast cancer and went through chemo. She survived and her hair grew back. But it wasn’t the way it used to be. It grew very slow. It lifeless and dry, and very thin. But when she tried UltraFX10… well, let’s let her tell the story…









“I just assumed my hair was going to be this way for the rest of my life. I thought maybe the cancer, or the chemo did permanent damage to my hair ‘DNA’ or something. But when you suggested I try UltraFX10 out, I had nothing to lose.

In the first week, I noticed, my hair seemed to have more gloss. Like it was a bit more ‘shiny’. I thought it was my imagination and brushed it off. But a week later, my friend asked what I was doing for my hair because ‘it looked really good’. In the following weeks I noticed it started to get hard to style but for a good reason. My hair was growing so fast and thick and has so much body that I had to learn how to style it again. I can’t say I have my old hair back because I don’t. it’s actually better than the way it was before.”

7. I feel vain and silly for wanting to have my hair back again. Is this normal?

  You’re not alone.

Hair plays an important role in our lives. Upon meeting someone, one of the first things you notice is their hair.

Almost every society in the world associates luxurious hair with youth, beauty, and good health.

“For centuries, humans have adorned themselves in a variety of ways — tattooing, nail cosmetics, and most universally, hairstyles of all sorts,” says Robert T. Brodell, MD, professor of internal medicine of the dermatology section at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine in Warren, Ohio.

Dr. Brodell goes on to say,“For many people, their hair is what makes them feel beautiful.” When you lose your hair — for whatever reason, it can be devastating…”

Shelly Friedman, DO, a hair transplant surgeon in Scottsdale, Ariz., and founding president of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, says women associate their hair with their sexuality, sensuality, and beauty.

Mention hair, and for many people it conjures up images of women known for magnificent, flowing locks: Lady Godiva, the Breck girl, Farrah Fawcett, and Cheryl Tiegs, to name just a few.

Before a social engagement, it is very important for us to look good, and a good lock of hair is what completes our appearance.

Hair loss may cause the person to limit social activities. Some people avoid seeing friends and stop going out except to work.

Surveys have shown that around 40% of women with hair loss have had marital problems, and around 63% claimed to have career related problems9.

For women it can be more devastating, frustrating, and worse for women. Men are expected to go balding. And some men simply look “more distinguished” with a receding hair line.

The research also indicates that women tend to be more upset than men by their hair loss.

A 1992 study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology that compared the psychological impact of hair loss on men and women found that women had a more negative body image and were less able to adapt to the loss.

In fact, it has been scientifically proven through studies that women tend to suffer more emotionally and psychologically than men on losing hair.

The results of these tests showed that women were much more worried about the way they looked than men. They tend to feel insecure about their appearance and how the world and the people around them will accept them.

This is simply an unacceptable way to live. Especially if a solution exists. So no, you are not vain for wanting to look as good as you wish to.

8. Are the pills big?

That’s a common question. A lot of people have difficulty swallowing a large capsule.

This is what a customer said about the pill size…

“I was surprised, as they are smaller than I expected. The supplements are a flat, oblong-shaped pill. To give some perspective, maybe the length of the long Tylenol pill. I've taken some supplements that are much bigger, such as most fish oil supplements. I suppose it depends on what you're used to taking, but I thought the size was okay and easy
to swallow.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

9. Is it safe to order online from your web site?

Absolutely. We use a 256-bit secure ordering server so you are protected the same as if you were ordering from or any other trusted Web site.

10. How long will the initial low price last?

We are unable to guarantee today’s pricing beyond today.

Once we get enough testimonials and reviews, we will most likely increase the price.

11. What if this product doesn’t work for me?

UltraFX10 was created to work. If for any reason at all you are unsatisfied with your UltraFX10 purchase, just let us know and we will refund even empty bottles without question. You’re always protected by our industry best 365 day Money Back Guarantee.

OK, those are all the frequently asked questions. If you have anymore when you start using UltraFX10 you have our Customer Service contact information. We will be happy to answer any question that comes up.

So again, if you haven’t done so already, place your order right now and start the road to feeling great again.





"I've struggled with extreme thinning hair for years. I really did not think UltraFX10 would work. At least not for me. But I had no risk so I gave it a try. It seemed my hair was getting thicker and growing faster. But I wasn’t sure if it was my mind playing tricks on me. It was when I went to my hairdresser and she confirmed it when she showed me all the hair she had cut off. It’s been so long since I’ve had that much to cut off!"

We felt it important that UltraFX10 be manufactured right here in the United States, in an FDA-inspected, state-of-the-art facility that adheres to federal current, good manufacturing processes, what they call the CGMP for dietary supplements.

All of the ingredients that we bring into our lab are analyzed and guaranteed for purity, and we adhere to the United States pharmacopoeia requirements that all pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medicine companies abide by. This ensures that the potencies on the label are absolutely accurate.

Because you've made it this far, I know you must be serious about finally ending the silent “quiet desperation” you’ve lived with and loving what you see in the mirror.

My invitation to you is simply to TRY UltraFX10 without ANY risk to you and shatter those hormonal barriers so you can drop those pounds, feel good, feel valued, and finally be in control.

Until now, women who wanted to fight their hair loss either had to become dependent on hair loss medications like Rogaine or Propecia (if under a qualified doctor’s supervision).

Which not only take four full months to start working... But also cause all kinds of awful and risky and PERMANENT sexual impotence side effects.

At per month, you’ll be spending 0 per year on Rogaine or Propecia for the rest of your life.

Then, again, those medications are nothing compared to a hair transplant, which typically runs you about,800 and involves a surgeon slowly slicing and peeling inches of your forehead off with a knife. I don’t know about you, but is that something you really want to experience?

Jillian from Illinois knows what it's like to waste money on hair loss products that don't work. She said,




“I have been dealing with thinning hair for many years, and have taken many supplements, which seem to help, only to be followed by a period where the hair loss increases again.... this supplement seems to be working very well for me and it is very reasonably priced. (I had been using a competing product that was about twice the price; this is actually working!!!)”

Rather than throwing your time and money away on “solutions” that don't work, I'm going to recommend you try a different option, one that I know will finally tackle the root cause of your thinning, hair, won’t put you in ANY risk, and that won't break the bank.

You see, because we use unique ingredients clinically proven to help you stop your current hair loss… allow your hair’s natural thickness to be restored… and to begin regrowing your hair again healthier and stronger than before.

My colleagues tell me we should be charging at least.95 for a 30-day supply which is absolute bargain because as you can see, it works. But that's not what we've decided to do.

Because it's so important to me that you and every man struggling with shedding and thinning hair get access to this powerful formula, I'm going to make it as affordable as possible.

I understand how being scared of how you appear every day can drain your self-esteem, diminish your confidence, and suck some of the joy out of life.

I don't want price to come between you and the happiness you deserve because it simply doesn't have to be this way.

What I'm going to do for a limited time, is allow you to try a 30-day supply for only.95 which means a lower financial cushion for us because these proven ingredients are so expensive.

Since most men, like all the one’s you’ve seen here keep raving about their results, we're willing to take the risk of making it up with all the new customers you send our way.

In fact, we’ve decided going to make it even more affordable by allowing you to order a 90-day supply for only.98 a bottle which is a 20% discount.

For those of you who are truly committed to stopping your hair loss and growing it back healthier and stronger than ever, you can get 180-day supply for only.33 a bottle, saving you.62 on your order – or 33% OFF. Either way, your results and satisfaction are guaranteed.

As you can tell, I've not been sitting here creating a bunch of phony before and after photos of paid models like so many other companies do.

Every testimonial you've heard is sincere feedback from a certified paying customer. I want to focus on what's stopping you from losing your thinning, shedding hair and the scientific proof of how these unique ingredients break through those hair loss triggers.

In the meantime, I want you to know that we are big on making sure that people are happy, and that they get their results they're expecting.

We're protecting you with an Iron-Clad, unconditional 365-day money back guarantee.

Test it out and see that it’s the easiest and most powerful hair restoration method you’ve ever experienced. Use it on yourself. Give it to your friends and loved ones. I know, you’ll be deeply impressed. Yet, if for some reason you feel it’s not more than you expected.

And if you decide you don’t wish to keep it, simply email me within 365 days for a complete refund. You are, after all, completely safe.

And one more thing. It’s time to stop wasting what precious time you have on useless solutions.

The real answers are NOT what you’ve been told. Even though you’ve been looking and searching for answers all this time, your search is now over.

It’s time to begin a new life.

Joan from Carmel, CA had her doubts before ordering and wrote us later saying,

“What initially got me to try this was the strong guarantee. But have also found that it actually works, so am very happy.”

Now, as much as UltraFX10 is a miracle in hair health, it is NOT a magic pill.

It works because of the science and the research that went behind its creation.

So if a person mistreats their hair, puts their hair through extreme stressors like dousing it with harsh, corrosive chemicals, doesn’t take the bare minimum of nutrients that a human body needs to be healthy, their hair will suffer.

There's literally nothing in existence that will allow you to treat your hair any way you want and expect perfect hair.

Again, the fast action takers are the ones who will follow through and get the best results. You are the one I want. The faster you take action, the better the results, the more raving testimonials I will have, the more I can afford to keep the prices low.

This hormonal reset system is so effective because it addresses the causes of hormonal imbalances that exist today and NOT what existed decades ago – which is what doctors have been educated on.

The world we live in today is completely different than it was before and if you are not aware of how environmental factors, toxins, food ingredients, pollutants, and lifestyle changes are affecting your hormones, your hair may be the least of your problems. But not to worry, you will have the answer in just a few moments.

Alone it is sold for. And you’re going to be download each of these in just a few minutes.

In total, you’re getting

The Total Hormone Reset

Feed Your Hair Back To Life..95

Home Remedies For Your Hair.95

Which is a total of.90


Just for being willing to take a chance on yourself.

Imagine This Right Now…

…you arrive at a social event… maybe it’s a friend’s wedding, your child’s graduation… or a presentation you have to make… or a romantic date… or it’s summer time and you’re at the beach or at a pool…

And you see all these people looking at you and the thought hits you…

“Can they see my scalp?”

This is my life’s work. I’ve seen men suffer for too long. They suffer because they are hiding a part of themselves.

Instead of hiding, and worrying, and never being able to fully enjoy yourself, what would it be like if you were confident and secure that your hair was thick… shiny… full of natural color… as long or as short as you want it to be… to be able to style it in that way you haven’t been able to… what if it was something you could be proud of?

Fortune Favors The Bold

There’s no guarantee that the price you see TODAY will be available tomorrow…

So what that means is, If you wait to order, even just a day, there’s a chance that if you come back tomorrow, the low, special discount price you see here today will no longer be available.

So, what I recommend is this: if you’re at all interested, or maybe even just curious to see if UltraFX10 is everything we say it is…


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